38 Days of Shakespeare

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been reflecting on my career, and in particular on my relationship to the works of William Shakespeare. It was a rocky start in high school reading the plays, but once I started to engage with them on the stage, first as an actor and then as a director, I’ve been hooked. More importantly, I’ve been working for the man for more than ten years. As much as I’ve been a champion of his plays, I’ve also come to recognize that there are a handful which I encounter quite frequently (I’ve now directed Macbeth seven times and acted in it once), while there are others that Im not sure I’ve cracked open in a decade. Have I even made it all the way through Henry VI, Part II? I honestly don’t remember.

So, now I’m embarking on a mission to revisit Shakespeare’s cannon by reading a play a day over the next 38 days. As I make my way through the plays, I will post short responses to each one right here so you can follow along.

First up, The Taming of the Shrew…