Right Passage at Panorama NYC

“interactive theatre meeting modern dance in a futuristic art museum”  Engadget.com

Right Passage begins a new series of interactive performance installations for TWF — rites of passage.

In this work we invite the public to choose their own adventure through a magico-religious dynamistic rite of passage. We begin in a hazed void, seven hooded liminal guides shift black monolithic walls creating reflective labyrinths/corridors/chaos which lead your journey from darkness to light.  A sensory disorientation escalates to an assault of cold beams, strobes, and intimidating moving walls — a haunting chaos.  This builds to a breaking point, leads to a re-orientation of the senses.

We gather collectively at the end of the disorienting journey, united underneath the warmth of a sun.

Did we make the “right passage?”  What IS “right?”  What IS wrong?  What fun is life in black and white?  The strong human need to be “right” is questioned.  Listen.  Breathe.  Perhaps an alternate passage awaits.